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Captain John GALLOP VI
Anna or Hannah LAKE

John was christened 25 January 1620, in St. Mary's, Bridport, Dorsetshire, England and married 1643, in Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, Anna or Hannah LAKE, the daughter of John LAKE and Margaret READE. She was christened 3 July 1621 in North Benfleet, Essex, England and died 19 December 1675 in Stonington, New London, Connecticut. John died 19 December 1675, in South Kingston, Wasington Rhode Island.

Genealogical Dictionary of New England Settlers

Volume 2 page 223

Gallop, or Gallup,...
JOHN, Boston 1637, serv. in the Pequot war, for wh. Conn. made him a gr. of 100 acres; m. Hannah, d. of Margaret Lake, a wid. wh. resid. at John Winthrop's, had Hannah, b. 14 Aug. 1644; rem. to New London 1651, was s. of the preced. b. in Eng. prob. was of Taunton 1643, a short time, rem. to Stonington, of wh. he was rep. Oct. 1665 and May 1667, had John, wh. bec. freem. 1673; Benadam, b. a. 1656; William, 1658; Christobel; Eliz.; Mary; and Margaret; beside Esther, b. 21 July 1653, wh. m. 17 Dec. 1674, Henry Hodges of Taunton; and Samuel, wh. d. prob. unm. He was one of the six capt. k. in the gr. Narraganset swamp fight, 19 Dec. 1675, the hardest bat. o Philip's war, when 80 were k. and 150 wound. of wh. many d. bef. relief could be had. His comp. had many k. and wound. Hannah m. as his sec. w. 1672, Stephen Gifford; Christobel m. Dec. 1677, Peter Crary; Eliz. m. Henry Stephens; and Mary m. John Cole of Boston. In 1704, Margaret was unm.

CHILDREN of Captain John GALLOP VI and Anna or Hannah LAKE:

    1. HANNAH      b: 14 Sep 1644; Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts.
                  md: 12 May 1672; , , Massachusetts.
                                   Stephen GIFFORD
                   d:        1721; , , Connecticut.
    2. JOHN        b: 14 Sep 1646; Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts.
                  md:        1675; Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts.
                                   Elizabeth HARRIS
                   d: 14 Apr 1735; Stonington, New London, Connecticut.
 +  3. ESTHER      b: 24 Mar 1653; , New London, Connecticut.
                  md: 17 Dec 1674; Taunton, Bristol,Massachusetts.
                                   Henry HODGES
    4. BENADAM     b:        1655; Stonington, New London, Connecticut.
                  md: 1685 & 1690; Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts.
                                   Esther PRINTICE
                   d:  2 Aug 1727; Stonington, New London, Connecticut.
    5. WILLIAM     b:    Apr 1658; Stonington, New London, Connecticut.
                  md:  4 Jan 1684; Stonington, New London, Connecticut.
                                   Sarah CHESEBROUGH
                   d: 15 May 1731; Stonington, New London, Connecticut.
    6. CHRISTOBELL b:        1659; Stonington, New London, Connecticut.
                  md: 31 Dec 1677; Stonington, New London, Connecticut.
                                   Peter CRARY
    7. SAMUEL      b:    Abt 1660; Stonington, New London, Connecticut.
                   d:  9 Jul 1731; , , .
    8. ELIZABETH   b:  8 Mar 1663; Stonington, New London, Connecticut.
                  md:        1655; Stonington, New London, Connecticut.
                                   Henry STEPHENS
                   d:        1726; , , Connecticut.
    9. MARY        b:    Abt 1664; Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts.
   10. MARY        b:    Abt 1666; New London, New London, Connecticut.
                  md:            ; , , Connecticut.
                                   John COLE
   11. MARGARET    b:    Abt 1667; Stonington, New London, Connecticut.
                  md:            ; , , .
                                   Joseph COLVER
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