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David Dunster3, [Jonathan2, Henry1 1st President of Harvard, HenryA.
David Dunster4, [Deborah Wade3, Deborah Dudley2, Gov. Thomas1.
Mary Russell4, [Hubbard3, Jason2, William1.

Mary (Molly) RUSSELL

David was born about 1705 in Charlestown, Middlesex, Massachusetts, and married about 1730, in Massachusetts, Mary (Molly) RUSSELL, the daughter of Hubbard RUSSELL and Elizabeth DICKSON. She was born 12 December 1712, in Massachusetts, and died after 1772, in Massachusetts. David died 1758 in Rutland, Rutland, Vermont.

Family Data Collection
Individual Records

David Dunster
   Birth: 1706-- Charlestown, Middlesex, MA 
   Death: 1758 -- 
   Spouse: Mary Dickson Russell
   Parents: Jonathan Dunster, Deborah Wade

page 228

Dunster, David (Jona., Hen.) b. Chs. ab. 1705, tanner, m. Mary Russell (Hubbard, Jason, Wm.) res. in Menotomy, rem. to Westminster being dismissed from Ch. 1742, to help form ch. at Narragansett No. 2; he d. Rutland, Vt., 1758, leaving wid. and children, 538

Worcester County, Massachusetts,
Probate Index,
Vol. 1 & 2 A - Z, July 1731-1881

Record         Given                    Record 
Date   Surname Name  Residence          Type
1758   Dunster David Narragansett No. 2 Will

"Ancesterial Findings of Henry Dunster,
first president of Harvard College who emigrated from England in 1640"
. by Samuel Dunster
Publication: E.L. Freeman & Company Steam Book
Job Printers, Rhode Island, 1876

Mrs. Estabrook says: "My grandfather died in Rutland, in this State,* of the camp disorder. He had gone to see his son Thomas, my father, who was a soldier in the war, and was sick at Rutland with the same disease. My father got well, but grandfather died." In a subsequent letter her daughter, Miss Betsey Estabrook, states that her mother says: "He died in Rutland, at the barracks, where he went to care for his sick son, Thomas, then about twenty years old, stationed there for the exchange of prisoners of war. He recovered. His father took the camp disorder and died, and was buried in the barracks there." This must have been at the disastrous campaign against Ticonderoga in the French war. That event took place in July, 1758.

* Rutland, "in this State." This error was the result of confounding two different events. The prisoners at Rutland, Mass., were British, captured with Burgoyne in 1777.

Birth: ABT 1706 in Charlestown, Middlesex, Massachusetts Bay Colony, America

When his father died in [D], David was still a minor. Joseph Hartwell was appointed his guardian., and his bond is recorded in the Middlesex probate office. At the settlement of his father's estate, he came into possession of large landed property in Cambridge Precinct, then called Menotomy Field, afterwards West Cambridge, now Arlington. "In 1646 the Inhabitants of Charlestown granted to Henry Dunster Prest. of the college and his heirs & assigns Wenatomie or Menatomy bounded with Cambridge bounds on one side, Misticke pond & River and Menotomy brook being the bounds of said field on the other side." This tract seems to have comprised the greater part of that interesting section now in Arlington limits, known even till quite lately as Charlestown End, and from its shape was vulgarly y'cleped by fellows of the baser sort as "Squash End." Here, at the head, was the celebrated Square Sachem Reservation, under the shadow of high hills, whence is now obtained a wonderful view of the surrounding territory. The mansion house of David Dunster, sold to Joseph Winship, which was torn down in 1798, had a hipped roof, and William R. Cutter, who furnished this sketch, says that it is well remembered by his present living grand-parents, who could tell how many windows there were, and the number of rooms on each floor. The house was, they believe, unpainted on the outside, like many at that day.

Occupation: a tanner.

13 JUN 1742 Second Church, Cambridge, Massachusetts Bay Colony, America

Will: 1758 In 1758 before he died, David Dunster made a will, of which the following is a sketch:

"In the name of God Amen this nineteenth day of May One thousand seven hundred and fifty eight * * * I David Dunster of a place called Nargansett Township No 2 in the county of Worcester * * Husbandman

1st I give and recommend my Soul into the Hands of God that gave it and my body into the Earth * * * nothing doubting I shall receive the same again at the Resurrection by the mighty power of God.

Imprimis. I give unto Mary my beloved wife and unto Hubbard and Thomas my two oldest sons all my real and personal estate and all my utensils for husbandry--goods with claims * * * to my wife whom I constitute and appoint executrix with my oldest son Hubbard, To my wife I say I give and bequeath my house and all my lands during her continuance of my widow (???) but if she see cause to marry again to acquit her right to all my Estate.

Item. To Hubbard 2/3 of my real & personal estate after my wife has done with it. To Thomas 1/3 do. To Elizabeth Taylor wife of James Taylor my eldest daughter (???) oe2 10s. over and above what she has already had and besides what I did for her in her sickness. To Mary Bemis wife of David Bemis my 2nd daughter besides what she had at her setting out and what she had in cash of me I bequeath her 10 shillings.

To Marguary Dunster my third daughter I give & bequeath four pounds.

To Ruhamah my fourth daughter I give and bequeath four pounds.

To Carteret Henry Dunster my youngest son when one and twenty (???) Fifty Pounds--to be paid 2/3 by Hubbard and 1/3 by Thomas and I further order that he shall live with his mother and Hubbard till 21 (???) (???) Hubbard and Thomas to have six years to pay these legacies (???) I further add that none of my estate shall be prised [appraised].

Item. To the Rev. Isaiah Dunster of Harwich I give a gold Ring.
(Codicil) I give to Marguary & Ruhamah a low chest of Drawers apiece, Three pewter Platters apiece 1/2 a Doz. Chairs apiece. Recorded Worcester Probate office 4 Oct. 1758."

David Dunster is mentioned in several land transactions. "David Dunster of Charlestown yeoman by Deed March 12 1742 conveyed for £750 to Joseph Winship the younger of Cambridge yeoman the home place north west of the road with the house and barn namely 18 acres of Land in Charlestown bounded E. and N. E. by Medford river and pond N. W. and N. E. on Simon Holden's land W. by a 'drift-way' leading to said Holden's land, South on land of Jonathan Dunster there being a road leading from Medford over the 'wairs' to Menotomy running through said Messuage and understood to be excepted in this deed and also 3 acres of Salt marsh in Medford bounded east on Solomon Page's(*) Marsh S. on Medford River N. on Ebenezer Cutter's and W. on John Willis marsh, with a dwelling house & barn on the abovesaid 18 acres or homestead.


Another land record of David Dunster's.
"David Dunster of Narragansett township No. 2 so called in the county of Worcester yeoman for £250 in good bills of the old Tenor conveyed Nov. 18 1742 to Joseph Winship of Charlestown Middlesex county yeoman 11 1/4 acres of Land in Charlestown bounded N. E. by land of Joseph Winship N. W. on a highway leading to Medford S. W. on a two rod Roadway joining to Geo. Cutter land and S. E. by George Cutter's land and East by Medford River. Dunster's wife's name Mary. Signed by him only. Ephraim Frost and John Cutter witnesses. Eben Trowbridge Just. Peace."

Yet another land record of David Dunster's: "At a meeting of the proprietors of Narragansett No 2 at the house of Mr. Ebenezer Stedman in Cambridge Dec. 2d 1741 in the division of Upland David Dunster drew a lot No 10 Home lot." In a second division of upland he had the same number of the lots, and also the same in a division of meadow lots.

"At a meeting of the proprietors of Narragansett No. 2 held at the house of Mr. Ebenezer Stedman in Cambridge 1st September 1742 (???) (???) voted and accepted the Acre of land given by Mr. Dunster for a burying place and chose Mr. Holden, Mr. More, Mr. Hoar, Mr. Bemas, Miller & Bigalow a committee to stake it out and take a deed of Mr. Dunster for the same." (from Westminster Town Records)

Mrs. Priscilla (Dunster) Estabrook related: "My Grandfather, David, was the third settler in this town [Westminster]. He had a garrison house near where the Baptist Meeting House now stands." At one time he was directed to put his garrison house in better condition for defence.

The quantity of land in Narragansett No. 2, drawn by David Dunster, must have been large, for Jan. 14, 1744, he sold two lots, of sixty acres each, to William Brattle for 25 pounds lawful money, which "I drew myself upon the tenth lot which I purchased of Wm. Wallace of Medford." There are also four deeds of parts of this tenth lot recorded.

CHILDREN of David DUNSTER and Mary (Molly) RUSSELL:

   1. ELIZABETH "BETSEY" b: 25 Apr 1730; Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts.
                        md:            ; 
                                         James TAYLOR
   2. MARY "MOLLY"       b: 22 Feb 1682; Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts.
                        md: 29 Nov 1753; Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts.
                                         David BEMIS.
   3. HUBBARD            b:        1735; , , Massachusetts.
                        md: 31 Aug 1769; Westminster, Windham, Vermont.
                                         Ruth BAYLEY
                         d:  5 Oct 1805; , Windham, Vermont.
   4. THOMAS             b:  8 May 1737; , , Massachusetts.
                        md: 23 Mar 1768; Lunenburg, Worcester, Massachusetts.
                                         Lydia PACE.
                         d: 18 Jul 1819; Westminster, Windham, Vermont.
 + 5. MARGERY            b: 23 Dec 1739; Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts.
                        md: 17 Jun 1760; Westminster, Windham, Vermont.
                                         Joshua WILDER.
                         d: 13 Sep 1828; Brattleboro, Windham, Vermont.
   6. RUHAMA             b:    Abt 1742; , Middlesex, Massachusetts.
                        md: 26 Oct 1772; Westminster, Windham, Vermont.
                                         Dudley BAILEY.
                         d:        1835; Charlestown, Middlesex, Massachusetts.
   7. CARTERET HENRY     b:    Abt 1743; , Middlexex, Massachusetts.
                        md:  4 May 1779; Leominster, Worcester, Massachusetts.
                                         Ann PEIRCE.
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