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and 1st
and 2nd
Phillippa GREENE

and 3rd
Sarah _______

Charles was born about 1666 in Warwick, Kent, Rhode Island and married first about 1685 in Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, Hester GILBERT, the daughter of Jonathan GILBERT and Mary WELLS. She was born about 1662 in Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut and died before 1691.

He married second as her second husband about 1691 in Narraganset, Washington, Rhode Island, Phillippa GREENE the daughter of John GREEN and Ann ALMY. She was born 7 October 1658 in Warwick, Kent, Rhode Island and died in or after 1703 in Narragansett, Washington, Rhode Island.

He married third after 1703 Sarah _______. She was born and diid. Charles died 14 September 1740 in Canaan, Columbia, New York.

Note: for Robert Carr born 4 October 1614 Of, London, Middlesex, England and died 4 October 1681 in Conanicut in Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island.
Came to Newport along with brother Caleb Carr who became governor of Rhode Island, whose family is said to be as old as the Norman Conquest. The two brothers came to New England on the ship Elizabeth Ann, which sailed from London, May 9, 1635. After residing a short time at Bristol they removed to Newport, Rhode Island. where they accumulated considerable property. Robert was one of the original purchasers of the island of Conanicut in Narragansett Bay, which contained about six thousand acres. In 1681 having "determined on a voyage to New York and NJ," he made his will, dated 4/20/1680 ich proved 10/4/1681, for he died the same year. He left by will " to my eldest child Caleb Carr, all my land at Conanicut, alias Jamestown." Change Date: 19 Aug 2007 at 20:29:25

Caleb Carr (Phillippa's first husband)
The second source lists his place of birth as Newport, Rhode Island. He died between 27 Jan and 30 Mar 1690 according to Whitten. He had seven children. Source: Henry E. Turner; Fred R. Whitten (CompuServe 72420,2616); Louise B. Clarke

Phillip and her husband resided on the estate inherited by Caleb from his father (see Robert Carr Notes). Caleb died there in 1690. His will dated Jamestown, January, endorsed "Iat of William K. of Gt. B." and proved in Newport, March 30, 1690 makes mention of his "brother-in-law Peter Greene." Phillip was executrix of the estate.

Phillip Greene Carr married Charles Dickinson of Jamestown, Rhode Island, and her father in his will 12/20/1706, proved 12/20/1708, leaves a legacy to her children: "to daughter Phillipp Dickinson's children £16 to be improved till they are of age." Charles Dickinson was in Jamestown, Rhode Island, 12/4/1695, when he was appointed on a committee "to make rates"; was made freeman 8/21/1696; Deputy to General Assembly at Providence, 10/20/1696. Her name may have been spelled, Phillip. She had seven children. Source: Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Island, p 88; Henry E. Turner; Fred R. Whitten (CompuServe, 72420,2616); Louise B. Clarke

Source: "The Greenes of Rhode Island with Historical Records of England Ancestors" by Louise Brownell Clarke, Knickerbocker Press, New York, New York, 1903; Compiled by Julius A. Jahnke


It is claimed that this Charles DICKENSON/DICKSON is the son of John DICKENSON and Elizabeth HOWLAND but I cannot find any proof that this is that Charles DICKENSON and thus this Charles' father is UnKnown at tis time.


    1. THOMAS           chr: 12 Feb 1687; Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut.


    1. CHARLES            b:        1693; Narragansett, Washington, Rhode Island.
                         md:    Abt 1713; Attleboro, Bristol, Massachusetts.
                                          Mary WINTERTON
                        bur: 20 Oct 1760; , , .
    2. RICHARD            b:        1796; Narragansett, Washington, Rhode Island.
                         md:  2 Mar 1715; , , .
                                          Mary GOLDSMITH
                          d:  2 Apr 1759; Saybrook, Hartford, Connecticut.
    3. JOHN               b:        1799; Narragansett, Washington, Rhode Island.
                         md: 15 Jun 1718; , , Rhode Island.
                                          Mary PHILLIPS
                          d:    Aft 1750; ¿, , North carolina?
    4. JONATHAN           b:        1700; Narragansett, Washington, Rhode Island.
                         md:        1621; , , .
                                          Mary COLE
                          d:    Abt 1727; , , .
 +  5. SANUEL I           b: 26 Jan 1702; Narragansett, Washington, Rhode	 Island.
                         md:  3 Oct 1728; Stonington New London, Connecticut.
                                          Mary COLE
                          d: 27 Jun 1750; , Dutchess, New York.
    6. CHRISTOPHER        b:        1704; Narragansett, Washington, Rhode Island.
                         md:            ; , , .
                                          Mary COGGESHALL
    7. PHILIPPA           b:        1706; Narragansett; Washington, Rhode Island.
                         md:            ; , , .
                                          John CASE

CHILDREN of Charles DICKENSON and Sarah _______:

    1. NONE KNOWN         b:            ; , , .
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